Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blogadda's Mystery Fiction Contest

I have been fascinated by mysteries since a young age, and still happily immerse myself in who-dun-its… progressing from Sherlock Holmes to Nancy Drews to Agatha Christie and Dorothy L. Sayers, moving from one mystery author to another, discovering new ones at all times……. They fascinate me more than any other type of book and even today, when it is difficult for me to find time to read; I have at least one mystery beside my bed, and try to snatch a few pages as and when I can, even if I have read it umpteen times before!

Imagine my surprise then, when Blogadda came out with a Mystery Fiction contest, I couldn’t help heading over right away and reading it at once!

The contest features a story by Ajay Nair titled ‘Reunion’ and we have to solve the mystery! I enjoyed reading the story – Ajay has a wonderful style of writing, and decided at trying my hand at the contest too……… So here is my solution –

The killer – Lila killed herself

Motive – from the story, she appears to be a flamboyant girl who loves life and enjoys it to the minute! She couldn’t possibly bear the knowledge that she would die soon, that too thanks to a virus passed on by one of her lovers! She wants to avenge him, and also all her ex-husbands. She also hated her twin sister, and wanted her to suffer too. She does this by committing suicide and leaving suspicion on all of them!

How?  – once she goes back into the room, she tears off a rosary, throwing the beads around the room, throwing suspicion on R. she mangles her arm band and throws it off, leaving suspicion on Sia, the broken porcelain cup will throw suspicion on the author, for he had already tried to poison her earlier. The crumpled scarf could throw suspicion on M. As to the open jeweled case, it probably contained something she used to kill herself, and also throw suspicion on G.

Now, about how she killed herself – I think the most probable solution would be that she took some slow acting poison before calling all her ex-husbands and sister into the room, which could explain the empty water jar. Then, when she knew the poison was taking effect, she went back inside and peacefully met her death, secure in the knowledge that all her tormentors would suffer themselves.



This is just my version of the story, and I could be right or wrong. In any case, it doesn’t matter for I had a lot of fun participating in this, and I am sure I am going to have even more fun reading all the entries!